The Youth program is foucssed on children in age group of 16-19 years. The main stay of this program is to initate the youth to the concepts of leadership, citizenship and excellence.

The program is designed to build the youth by engaging them in an Excellence program. High performing players will be trained to play for National and International matches.

In addition, the youth will be supporting the Yuwa Rugby Leaders (YRL) in The Community Program. The goal is to grow them intp future YRLs and Pro Rugby Players.

The Youth will also be encouraged to take on Community improvement projects, that will aim to solve for local challenges faced. The focus will be on civic participation and good citlizenship. The Youth will be engaged to be role models in their communities.

In addition to the above, the participants will be required to attend a college and take on employment.

The four impact area of the Youth Development

Education opens up opportunities and improves life chances. However, there are still vast numbers of young people who lack basic literacy skills, and opportunities are restricted for a range of groups such as girls and young women, rural youth and young people with disabilities.

Therefore those involved in youth development should prioritise improving access to quality education for all.

Health & Well-Being

In order to develop positively young people, awareness on healthy practices  is critical. This is to ensure that the Youth Program builds understanding and methods to guard against addictions and substance abuse to ensure they will be healthy in adult life.

Employment & Opportunity

Without access to employment or dignity of labour young people are unable to develop skills, become established as independent citizens or maintain an adequate standard of living and quality of life. For this reason, measures of employment and financial independence are important indicators of youth development.

Civic Participation

Civic engagement and community development can take many forms, including through sport, religious groups, music, drama and the arts.  Youth as role models and anchors for change in their communities will serve as an indicator of success.