Vision and Values


To provide children from low-income families access to play/sport. We aim to develop life skills, improve motivation to complete Grade 10, and a platform to play in National and International Rugby Tournament. And to enable them to transform their lives and become future change-makers in their communities.

Our Objectives

1)    Holistic development of children and youth through Sports
2)    To provide fun, recreation and access to play
3)    To promote Gender equality
4)    Mainstream children into school
5)    To develop life skills and values in children

Core values of Rugby

1) Integrity: Integrity is central to the fabric of the game and is generated through honesty and fair play.

2) Passion: Rugby players have a passionate enthusiasm for the game. The game generates excitement, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging.

3) Solidarity: Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to life-long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty. All of this transcends cultural, geographic, political and religious differences and models world peace.

4) Discipline: Discipline is an integral part of the game both on and off the field and is reflected through adherence to the laws, the Regulation and Rugby’s core values.

5) Respect: Respect for teammates, opponents, match officials and those involved in the game leads to better citizens and human beings.

* Credit – World Rugby (WR).