Standard 9th student of Little Flower of Jesus High School, Marine Lines resides in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Nagar, Cuffe Parade. A bright energetic Sainath reminds of the magnificent Lotus flower blooming unhindered, undisturbed in the muddy water.

Sainath is the eldest in his family. His younger brother, Pradeep and sister Kaushalya studying in 8th and 5th standard respectively are also playing Rugby. Father is a fisherman and mother a housemaid. With both parents working, Sainath watches over his younger siblings, helps in household chores, studies and makes time to follow his passion, Rugby.

When asked about his favourite subject in school, Sainath said Geometry. The figures, measurements, numbers are fun, he said. He was making every attempt to talk in English saying, “My Class Teacher, Deepak Sir supports me a lot”. Deepak Sir told me to improve my English. In every available time I go to my friend’s paper recycle store and read magazines, story books, newspapers to improve my English.

When asked what attracted him to Rugby, he promptly answered, “My uncle Somnath”. I used to watch him play Rugby in Magician Foundation (India). Uncle’s life changed a lot because of Rugby and I want to become like him, make everybody proud. I played Football before joining Rugby. Had played on district level too.

However many things changed for me while attending sessions of Rugby practice at Oval Maidan, Churchgate. I am more focussed now, have become punctual, disciplined with work and studies. Am physically fit with healthy food habits introduced by our coaches, YRLs in every practice session. In a course of just 6 months in Rugby, was selected to play for Maharashtra RAM Team for All India Sub-Junior National Rugby Championship. Our Team won the Runner-Up Cup.

One cannot miss the sparkle of his eyes when he says, “I want to become a Pilot”. In our Banjara Community, girls are married off even before they turn 18. The only profession most work in is the cleaning fish on a daily wage. Visiting foreign lands, completing graduation or getting a good job are like impossible dreams. I want to make all proud. I want to create history by becoming the first Pilot from our community and let people know dreams are possible. Work hard and be focussed.

Wishing Sainath a bright future from Magician Foundation (India).